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Saturday, July 21st, 2007
10:45 am
sistema and some other stuff
DISCLAIMER: don't read this if you don't want the truth...or if you don't want to get pissed off

how to be sistema?

> when you come from ayala alabang (or live there)
> when you're a smoketeer (you could always live without smoking)
> when you watch HEROES, GREY's ANATOMY, SMALLVILLE, LOST, and all those kinds of tv series
> when you watch these series in the cafe using a laptop
> when you "make tambay" at cantina's
> when you go drinking in drew's for the sake of being "cool" an "in"
> when you party at temple, embassy, etc...
> when you talk like "it's so kadiri"
> when SM megamall & market market are not enough
> when you only know shang, MOA, podium, rockwell, eastwood, ATC
> when you don't ride in a jeep, trike or any PUV
> when you can't commute alone
> when your standard for food is italliani's, cibo's and circles
> when you have starbucks/seattle's, etc... as your water
> when you PURPOSELY waste food
> when you do karaoke in red box
> when you come in class in sando, havianna's, short shorts/skirts
> when you don't conform to the dress code despite a SOM class
> when you do camwhoring in bathrooms, etc...
> when you flaunt your assets
> when you make private your multiply, friendster for the "suplado/suplada" effect
> when you cut class because it's cool
> when you cut class because you're DL
> when you settle for mediocrity
> when you use people for your dirty work
> when you go overseas over the weekend
> when you can't handle the truth and complain about this
> when money is the basis of everything
> when you go to school in a ford f150
> when you can't/don't want to ride the MRT/LRT
> when you think that riding PUV means being kidnapped
> when you think not going to parties isn't cool
> when you think a person not having a BF/GF is a loser
> when you think that a rich person is everything
> when you think that having a rich person who's incredibly stupid is better than an average joe who is smart
> when you don't use an umbrella when it's raining because it's cool not to
> when the intellect level is down
> when you think that honors courses are for nerds
> when you think not conforming to what you like sucks
> when you complain in class that it's hard yet you didn't study because you did other things
> when you're affected by this
> when you have house parties behind your parents' back
> when you think that getting C's and below are cool
> when you think that the likes of joseph yeo and his arrogance are ok
> when you don't know the meaning "sistema"
> when you think that promiscuity an sex drive is cool
> when you'd rather be inactive than active
> when you can't infer the meaning of "sistema" up to this point (after all the examples)
> when you depend on your parents for everything
> when you haven't gone to the "palengke" on your own and buy on your own
> when you do chicks over friends without explaining to your friends
> when you think that you're friends are losers and don't want to be with them
> when you get mad at this and deny everything

*feel free to add through comments*

How to start a fight in the ateneo: (style 1)
go to matteo ricci 2nd floor
get a bag and put something in it
keep the bag open
stay outside (near figaro)
throw the bag at the window of the air-conditioned discussion area
deny you did the act and act innocent
run away and leave your ID (do this only if you choose not to do #6)
Sunday, May 27th, 2007
11:46 pm
technocracy and power
Technocracy ("techno" from the Greek tekhne for skill, "cracy" from the Greek kratos for "power") is a government or organizational system where decision makers are usually highly skilled in fields of management or any other field. A technocratic government therefore is a government by experts.

yes...i got this from histo class...anyways...that's a preview of what will be happening this 1st sem. to be exact, in CS, there will technocrats who will monopolize power. OH YEAH!!! technocrats not merely in terms of management or economics but in computers as well (hence, TECHNO-crats, corny pun i must say). there are already blueprints on how to take over, the roster has already been decided and it is headed by...SEXY TIME...who in the world is SEXY TIME? you'll soon find out...

about SEXY TIME: he's good in CS, computer science AND counter strike. the guy owned our butt last time, 75% of the time=headshots? with only 1-2 bullets firing...damn you SEXY TIME!!! we'll get our revenge on you!

i finally realized how "powerful" rick astley's songs are, namely: never gonna give you up and together forever.
1) the beat is catchy in some way (80's music)
2) the lyrics are well thought of, if people took time to understand them, i think that they'd like the song more because they can relate to it
3) the videos are cool, despite the 80's look, the videos have stories in them to show the message of the song, not like today's music videos that just don't have any relation to the song (most use sexy women or men to attract people)

people may not agree with me, but before they say they don't they ought to watch it then disagree IF they still don't agree.


if i may add
4) although not directly to the song, the dance in the video somehow is...intriguing...hahaha

the result: LSS

that is POWER

11:07 pm
pirates night...friday club-evening version-gateway variation...at...BURGOO!!! which only means one thing:


we finished early so we went to the arcade...it's funny, going there you see all these little girls and little boys ecstatic on playing, yet almost nearing two decades we were not that different from them, i guess this is what they call "young at heart"

then it was pirates...yes...pirates...for the longest time...we were waiting for it and it finally came, it was good. as we would say "sulit" in terms of money-value relationship or in eco maximum utility per peso spent. the movie gave me two MP's (memorable passages):


1) nothing personal, it's just good business
this line was said by the British commander throughout the show, what was interesting was that he went by this principle yet it was the same principle that was somehow responsible for his undoing. what was ironic was that it was his last line before he got killed. the MP caught my attention because to a certain extent i think that i go by the principle as that of the British dude. further expanding the MP, it can even be connected to Machiavelli's "the end justifies the means" principle (did i get it right? Machiavelli and "the end justifies the means"?). rational state actors can also be associated to the MP. personally, i'd like to say that "everything is just a game." all of you are my actors and i am the director, all for my personal amusement.

2) do you feel dead?
davy jones says this all the time whenever he is about to kill someone. what a weird question if you ask me...how can one feel dead when he is still alive? well i guess that's what makes the MP interesting, it already assumes death or in another sense, immense fear that causes a feeling of death? i wonder if the same question goes through the minds of students when they know that they no matter what they do the outcome of the test is certain: F. oh the impending doom, the inevitable oblivion. it's pretty cool saying this MP, it gives the speaker a whole lot of power through sheer terror and control over life. it's like saying "you're already dead."

i wonder when the next movie outing would be...i'm looking forward to fantastic four: rise of the SILVER surfer...i'm sure someone would watch the movie with us for sure. hehehe...
Friday, May 18th, 2007
9:18 pm
the friday club
it's official, we, the friday lunch people proclaim our group as...



this week, it was barkeep's turn to choose our destination...and somehow...we ended up in...

MAX's!!! (again)

well...we had LPG meal #4 (i'm not keeping track of the numbers, which is which...i am confused...) which is max chicken dinner x 3 (soup of the day, rice or rolls, 1/2 chicken w/ kamote fries, ice cream) + bottomless pepsi max + free friday item (sago gulaman this week) all for 720 pesos = 240 each...OUGH!!! but it's worth it...i assure you...

so today's topic(s):

1) final fantasy 12
barkeep said that there will be a ff12 international version coming out soon and that there are some distinct changes (i forgot though). the three of us talked if we were still going to play the international version. we were hesitating because we would again have to go through the CHANK dungeons and CHANK story areas...actually EVERY stage in ff12 is CHANK. the whole ff12 is CHANK. we agreed that ff12 is the MOST CHANK ff ever, in fact it may even be one of the GREATEST CHANK games EVER...(abadi)

2) rick astley
if you haven't heard of this guy...then...you should go find out...he's a cool guy...well...it's better to experience rather than hearing it...

go to this:

80's will be invading!!! hahaha!!!

3) where does thy loyalty lie?
"you're either with me (us) or against me (us)...if you're not with me (us) then you're against me (us)" --> him or us? damn YOU!!! go get altoids or something!

4) ph-ph-ph-pha-pha-PHAKE!!!
this topic is a bit long. it was linked with ff12, where YAZMAT is a CHANKS monster...and somehow it got related to accounting. YAZMAT is bias. he favors certain individuals. we wondered if somehow i got YAZMAT in the future...will he also take favorites? then we joked that we would probably do. he would probably take a liking for "j-love" until he discovers that she is really...ph-ph-ph-pha-pha-PHAKE!!! i will not delve into the details of why, because it is so redundant, repetitive, and i am already tired to discussing about it, but it's there and it's there to stay. we thought that salvation had finally come to the ateneo when we "discovered" her, but we were wrong. she was nothing more than a false prophet, offering heaven but giving people hell. she's ph-ph-ph-pha-pha-PHAKE!!! i guess we were asking for too much. with this, i'd probably have to stick to the "princess" as YAZMAT would probably take her as the next viable choice. what a disappointment, ph-ph-ph-pha-pha-PHAKE!!!

next friday...lunch might not happen because the friday club peeps have finals, BUT...

there will be DINNER...and PIRATES...ARRR!!! PLUNDER!!!


(why be PHAKE? maybe insecurity? or maybe to draw attention? regardless...i have only one thing to say: ph-ph-ph-pha-pha-PHAKE!!!)
Monday, May 14th, 2007
11:32 pm
"it's best not knowing everything"

that's what one of my friends told me...i'm sorry...but i can't live with that...i'm the type of person who is curious, inquisitive and has a thirst for knowledge. i can't live knowing that i didn't know about something which i should have known or i was supposed to know. i will be haunted if i could have done something about the thing that i should have known.

being misinformed or ignorant about something does not excuse people from incompetence and misfortune. rather, it is because of ignorance that these "bad" things happen. have you known that a snake is poisonous, would you have approached it? how do you know that wolves are dangerous? it is because of knowing that they are dangerous.

with providence...one could set destiny into motion...one could set things right...providence shouldn't be feared, rather it should be used in order to bring order into chaos. i wish had the power of providence. with this power of foresight, i don't intend to be god or to play a god, i just want order, to bring order, to balance, judgment.

living in bliss, living in ignorance, when calamity strikes, when disaster is upon us...it is where shock happens, the fact that they didn't see it coming separates victory from defeat, acceptance from regret. this is not cynicism, this is reality.
Saturday, May 12th, 2007
10:16 pm
friday: may 11, 2007

we had our usual LPG friday lunch, this time it was at shakey's...lots of people at that time...service got CHANKKED...

what we had: party meal #1 (something like that...it was a preset meal good for 3-4 people)
-1 solo pack of chicken and mojos
-1 large THIN CRUST manager's choice
-1 pitcher of iced tea

all for P499 (tax exclusive...+ service charge too)

this became as LPG meal...4? 5?

come to think of it...LPG meals:
-meal for 2 at fazoli's (did i get the name right?)...
***meal for 2 for ONE person ONLY*** --> go figure...
-2 orders of 1 piece burger steak meal at jolibee (and yes...for one person too)
-the classic HAMBURGOO w/ bottomless drink (for 1)
-max's chicken dinner (for 1)
-shakey's party meal #1 (for 3)

***if i missed an LPG meal...just tell me so i can take note of it

then the talk somehow shifted to PIZZAS...

yes...pizzas...there are different pizzas...according to the CHANK (thickness?) factor:
-PAN pizza
-STUFFED CRUST (sausage? cheezy volcano? i don't know...point is...it's STUFFED)

according to size:
-14 inches
-18 inches
-the "grandslam" pizza from shakey's (i'm not sure about the size but i estimate it to be around 30 inches or so...i had this pizza once back then...and it took around 4 days in advance to make)

according to flavor:
-plain CHEESE
-ALL meat
-"specials" (each pizza parlor has trademark pizzas...i guess this would be the category)

one of my friends said that he liked THIN CRUST pizzas and that he was pushing for it...personally, i think i'll stick to regular ones...i don't like pan pizza because most of the time the crust is hard and CHANKY...and the stuffed crust...i think i'll only eat it if i am DESPERATELY HUNGRY...but given a choice i'll go for the regular one...HEHEHEHE...

***the ultimate in my opinion is a grandslam pizza w/ stuffed crust (is that even possible to make? or even eat? i'd like to see one if it can be done...)

(although i reckon that one of my other friends likes solo thin crust pizzas...ok i'll stop right now)

after we ate...it was not enough for us...we needed dessert...so we went to mcdo...and had an apple pie...PIE...yes...PIE...and a sundae cone after...then back to admu...

we had this topic on altoids...what are altoids...? actually...i have no idea...but what i heard...it's sort of like a throat reliever or something...brings vitality and energy back...(energy booster)? well...regardless of what it does...i regret not trying one when i was offered it (it's not drugs or anything illegal...i heard that it's along the lines of strepsils)...that is why...i shall buy a box of my own! nyahahaha!!!
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
9:43 pm
metal gear
this summer, i finally had my first ever class in JGSOM

going there from the cafe area...i always take the walkway near PIPAC...everyday i take this route until this week...

this week...i suddenly had the urge of going into PIPAC...

i'm curious to see what's it like in there...what's inside...

yes, they tell us that it's some high-class chemical research and development facility...but knowing what's inside and actually being inside are two different things...


how do i know that they're telling me the truth?

maybe it's not a chemical facility...

maybe there are more things inside there that are top secret hence they don't let students in there even if it is inside ateneo territory (although i heard that it's like an embassy...it's location is not under ateneo jurisdiction)...

that is why...i have decided that...

before i graduate from ateneo...i will...

set foot inside PIPAC!!!

and if they don't let me inside PIPAC...then i'll have to sneak inside it...

like metal gear espionage...yes...it makes things more exciting that way...the adrenaline rush of being caught...or just the pure coolness of doing a metal gear-like mission...yes...INFILTRATION...
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
10:58 pm
"painfully beautiful"
today another term was added to my vocabulary:


what the heck is that? actually...when i encountered it the same question materialized in me. after asking here was what i got:

define "painfully beautiful":
--> yun bang sobrang ganda na yung pag-iisip mo sa kanya ay talagang lalampas sa uncouth level ng kamanyakan

i see...
-->yun bang hindi mo maiisip in a sexual perspective...

so...the next question to ask is...who are "painfully beautiful"? (or P.B. for short)

"...i have across the land...searching far and wide..."

and i think that

the women who are painfully beautiful are...

*sorry guys, for women only...HAHAHAHA!!!

the women who are important in my life:
of course...
1) my mom
2) my female relatives
3) my female friends (not girlfriends)
*note: friends are not equal to acquaintances or people "i know"

but among people i don't know...or people who don't know me but i know them...(but we haven't really met)...i can only think of one:

wait...i can't reveal her name!

i know...a codename for her...PB!


she is so white and pure...that seeing her already makes my day! yes...she is somewhat like snow white...but there's a big catch...there's a big but...she already has a prince! that's why...she is...painfully beautiful to me...because she brings beauty at the same time pain...

(play: "you're beautiful" by james blunt)
Friday, May 4th, 2007
11:37 pm
i like the word JUSTICE...i just like it...a vague...misunderstood, undermined and unpracticed concept...i can say that i base my principles on this word...

INJUSTICE-the opposite of justice

hmmm...whenever i see this group of people...i can't help but feel that word-INJUSTICE

i used to call their faction another name...but because the feeling just grew...i had to give them a name change...hey...they don't have the right to complain...at least i even named them...as my pol sci teacher said (was it him? well...it doesn't matter...but i know i heard it somewhere) "hate is not the opposite of love...it's indifference and apathy"

so here's the new group name:


yeah yeah i know...it's VERY ORIGINAL...but the name really suits them...they practice injustice...and their very existence is injustice...what can i do? it's the truth...besides...the way they sat on that LONG table somehow reminded me of the justice league...and...

they already have honorary members...the EVIL MALNOURISHED PRINCE FROM THAILAND...the FAT WORM from TELESCOPE LAND...ALL SHE-DEVIL LOVERS...ALL LITTLE GIRL LOVERS...well basically...ALL who ally themselves with the INJUSTICE LEAGUE are also part of it...and those who aren't with me...are naturally AGAINST me...so they're part of that group as well...and i don't take neutrality or maybe or in between...because in life...there should be no hesitations...one should take a stand...

yes...the INJUSTICE LEAGUE will go down...i'll strike them with my own justice...i can't rely on being good...

*being good and being just are two different things*

and don't tell me that because i'm only a single entity and they're many that they're the ones who are right...because numbers aren't always the basis...they have committed their crimes...and it's just right for them to pay...time to pay...

if many people are doing the injustice then does that justify the act? does it make it correct? are you obliged to go with the flow? sometimes...you need to swim against the current of the river...even if it means no recognition...

that's how i live my life...if no one will believe in me...then i'll believe in myself...
11:15 pm
glass ceiling
it happened while i was eating lunch with my friends today...we sort of had this theorem regarding certain people...actually...it was related to girls...

a specific kind of girls...what kind...i am not going to say...but clues are evident...anyway...

the theorem was that...these "girls" were always paired with a certain template of a guy...

what template...again i will not say...because saying it will spoil everything...moving on...

the theorem was that girl type Y most probably...(you can already assume) has a guy type X...

it was funny because...this theorem wasn't just used for peers...but was also used for older females...as long as they fall under category of girl type Y...then assume that there is a guy type X waiting just around the corner...

then one of my friends told me...

"maybe that's the reason you don't like the 'connections or associations'...maybe the source of hate...?"

"these type X guys have a glass ceiling binding them..."

"it's like you reduce them to the theorem..."

"hanggang dun lang sila...may glass ceiling..."

"alam ko na...ayaw mo ma-glass ceiling katulad nila...(insert laugh from all of us)"

of course it was in the context of sarcasm, insinuations, fallacious claims but...somehow...i think he's RIGHT!!!

these guys that are type X are JUST like that...they're JUST good for that purpose alone

they are so predictable...to a certain extent...related to what we call..."SISTEMA"

i am glad i'm not bound by this "glass ceiling" that manifested...i'm different...i'm beyond it...A-High people aren't like that (i hope)...but i am sure, as an A boy...i can't be boxed by the classification made (guy type X) A boys are limitless...boundless...endless...
10:50 pm
living the wanton life

what the heck is the "wanton life"? i think that would be the question on every person's mind. to make it simpler for the people out there...do you know the definition of "wanton" in the first place? don't go looking for a dictionary...i'll provide the meaning for you...(care of the ever "trustworthy" wikipedia):


wanton (comparative more wanton, superlative most wanton)


more wanton

most wanton

1. lewd or immoral
2. cruel for no reason
3. unprovoked or capriciously violent or malicious
4. abundant and luxuriant
5. undisciplined
6. sexually open/free

you now have an abstract concept of what "wanton" is...putting the pieces of the puzzle together then it should now be clear to you...or...maybe not...

i can't blame you if you still can't figure it out...although i'd blame you nonetheless...

*living the wanton life*

to put it simply...living the wanton life is doing whatever i want...and no..."living the wanton life" is not just a glorified way of saying "living life to the fullest"...it's MORE THAN that...it has a deeper meaning...more profound...somewhat like..."abandoning reason for madness"...but it's different...i leave things at that...

but on a simpler level...

living the wanton life also pertains to just happily eating wanton...hahaha!!!
Friday, April 20th, 2007
8:23 pm
acceptable losses
all who oppose me...beware...

i warn all the people who are against me...you can't win against me...all of your "winnings" are just temporary...it's because i LET you win...there a difference in losing on purpose and winning with one's own skill...so to you people...enjoy what little life you still have...because when i'm done with you...you won't be dead...you'd WISHED you'd be dead...for the ultimate punishment isn't death...that's the ultimate solution...eternal torment is what you people will get...

it's either you're with me or you're against me...if you're not with me...then you're against me...then you're my enemy...seems familiar eh? but it is true...

i don't really care how many enemies there are...i'm already used to being the "enemy of the state"...yes...i'm everyone's favorite enemy...from the small ones to the big bad ones...it makes no difference whether they're man or woman...they'll get my sense of justice carved on their miserable existence...i don't care who stands in my way...all that associate themselves with the enemy will also get destroyed...whether they are friends, acquaintances, neutrals, creeps, observers...if they are friends with my enemies...then they are also my enemies...and my enemies will pay...

there is no distinction...but i'd like to call it more of a "fair treatment" no partiality...they are what i call..."acceptable losses"...

yes...losing them will hurt...but life can go on without them...the good gained from their loss is greater than their loss itself. it's acceptable..."acceptable losses"...i like the sound of that...

don't call it neoclassical because neoclassicals don't want any losses on their part...they'd probably find a way to remove losses and just leave with all the gains...

don't call it heartless because the term "acceptable losses" acknowledges the fact that their is a loss so meaning a loss is something bad...that if possible you would have had retained it...but...circumstances and needs dictate for you to lose it...it's just that one can cope with the loss that it brings

don't call it a theory because it is really happening and will happen in the near future...people will be faced with these situations in the near future...so better prepare...take for example choosing to save your wife or your baby...if you save your baby...your wife dies...if you save your wife...your baby dies...if you don't act...they both die...what will you do? acceptable loss, indeed...

i'm the best...don't try me because...i'm no coward who's just words...i do what i say...i make things happen...and i won't hesitate when the time comes...
7:03 pm
well...it finally happened...summer classes have started. time seems to fly very fast. actually it really does. anyway, this summer i managed to get 3 subjects (FINALLY) because last summer a certain group of greedy people took all the eco slots so when it was my turn...no more...this summer, i got hi 166, com 105 and believe it or not...pos 100...

so...the first week has started...the teachers are ok...maam hofilena's very entertaining...somehow philippine history isn't that boring when she teaches...doc santamaria's gay...as expected...but "astig siya"...i don't know why...but even though my first quiz pol sci was screwed, i feel fine...the comm teacher...i don't know...my comm friend said maam is...manic...manic eh?...hmmm...anyways...

the dilemma came...i don't like the 3 hrs and 45 min schedule of comm...and the fact that most hsc people are load rev-ing out of com 105 for diff reasons...i heard only two were left...

when i say different reasons...i mean different reasons...

some people said that they were transferring to com 111 (screenplay ata) because com 105 isn't in line with the course...well i ask...isn't screenplay MORE out of line than media studies? i can't figure out these people...well...what can i do? i can't question their way of thinking each and everytime...maybe it's because com 111's easier perhaps? i think i'm analyzing things to much...

some say that com 105's schedule sakks but...isn't com 111's sched the SAME? yes...what a way to look at things...

as for me...i went to micro eco...eco 111

yes...eco 111

yes...it has calculus

yes...it requires/suggests...knowledge on ma 19/20 lessons (w/c i don't have...ma 17 may not be enough)

yes...i am already delayed by a week...

so why eco 111?



1) i like math...i like calculus...i like numbers
2) somehow...being shut out of the summer eco class was a blessing in disguise...because i got to have doc habito (aka mr. martin) as my eco 102 prof...and he somehow inspired me to take higher economics
3) i want to minor in eco (even though doc sio doesn't allow it DAW...although i don't know why)
4) because i like the challenge it brings...having a not so easy subject and being delayed...with all the handicaps...i think i'll still emerge victorious
5) because i want an A...because i don't want what they call an "easy B"
6) i am not a disciple of mediocrity

there you have it...why i took eco 111...next sem...i plan to take eco 112 as an elective and get closer to having a minor degree...

i just don't understand...why people find it unusual to like math...what is wrong with liking math...? maybe they're just afraid to take math or they can't handle it...yeah that's why...that's why they take those easy B subjects...i don't really care about them...especially when they say that it's nerdy to take eco 111 and all...but i ask them...they're not taking it so...why find it unusual? when they don't understand it they say that it's crazy to take it, that's just unfair...and the nerdy term that's also unfair...it's just a term people use when these "nerds" take hard subjects to put them down...i think that we don't always have to be with the "usual" people or with the cool ones or with the "systema" people who spend their days in "chilling" and being cool...it doesn't mean that just because everybody's doing something...it's already correct...people should remember that fact!

i say to you people...watch "mean girls"...because...the movie...SUCKS! but you'll get what i mean...

(i say to them...let the bodies hit the floor!)

so i leave by saying that...i don't aim for B's and just passing...i aim for the only letter for people who agree that "it's about owning...it's about grades...it's about dominating...it's about the...":

Thursday, February 15th, 2007
9:23 pm
OH YEAH!!! i survived, what may have been the toughest week in my academic career...and i think that i did a pretty good job...i should give myself time off this weekend...if it were possible...but...it's not...there's the nstp processing and sci 10 group orals meeting, video making/shooting (yes, this early even though we're the last group to present...around mid march)

but it doesn't matter

the worst is over for now...

it came to me just this day...that i shall never forget 3 words in my life from this day on...




(tinimbang ka ngunit kulang) --> has multiple meanings if you ask me...

1) death to all my enemies...so for you people out there reading this...beware...

2) you are underweight...

3) you are not enough...


5) ( for the readers...feel free to add)



as the saying goes...the problem isn't the truth or what it holds...
the problem is...


but i can...


actually...i don't even need to explain why i can

because it's already a PROVEN FACT that I CAN.
Friday, February 9th, 2007
8:35 pm
this is crazy...
this week is crazy...

monday: chem problem sets, chem lec lt
tuesday: stat, eco, histo LTs
wednesday: prelab, long....lab
thursday: noli/fili LT

there's no rest for the wicked...

this week will separate the boys from the men...

survival of the fittest...

although i should focus on my own studies...i can't help but think of how the others are doing...i hate people that come to you and tell you that they can't take it because they haven't studied yet and their going to fail, only later to find out that they are the ones that get the A's. i hate them because they don't think about the REAL people who are really are in trouble. i hate them because they only talk about themselves and think that the world revolves around them. i hate them for the simple fact that they are fake and they lie. i hate these fakers. these people...these people who exercise FALSE HUMILITY, those who fish, you better not show any sign of your crime, for everyone's sake. these people (i'm not generalizing, they know who they are) who are on top are fake, they don't exhibit MAGIS, because they only prey on the ones who are below them...to them...to be the better than the rest or certain people is all they care about, they feed on the ego that being higher than someone else brings them. what's worse is that they most of the time, it doesn't come from their own skill...they have no true skill, no talent, they just USE and USE WHATEVER means (even if it's at the expense of others) and depend on LUCK, that's what pisses me off, because they are technically nothing yet it's not just that get something, on the contrary, they should get nothing and even pay for their mediocrity. they may have the grades, but they will never attain MAGIS, in the end...THEY WILL NEVER ATTAIN...
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
9:54 pm
when i am told to shut up
when i am told to shut up...the truth is being suppressed

when i am told to shut up...i may have said too much already

when i am told to shut up...someone is very guilty

when i am told to shut up...i am anticipated by paranoid people

when i am told to shut up...things are already getting too funny

when i am told to shut up...i may have had already gotten a technical foul

when i am told to shut up...redundancy is very evident

when i am told to shut up...nothing is making sense

when i am told to shut up...people may just be plain old bored

when i am told to shut up...secrets are in jeopardy

when i am told to shut up...

i usually don't...
Friday, February 2nd, 2007
9:12 pm
sometimes it's really weird and disturbing to know all (ok...maybe not all) things happening around you. with all the information circulating, you know people's ambitions, secrets and sins. i don't know if it's a burden or a responsibility, but there's that itch to make things right. there's that dilemma: being able and not willing or willing but not able. there's also the situation in which you know the problem and you are powerless to do anything about it or be ignorant and hence nothing is done because the problem isn't even recognized. being unable to do anything, being powerless to do good, to change something is what makes me really pissed off.

i hate these people (certain people who i will not mention because their names alone already sets me off). they pose as "good" people, admirable, approachable to everyone while hiding their fangs, their ugly hearts behind their "good" image. if only the majority of the population knew, but i guess fate has decided it to be that way...for now...because I KNOW...

someday...no...very soon...these people will pay...they will pay dearly...every sin will be accounted for. sometimes...no...most of the time...i think that the "lamp" is the ONLY and FINAL way to deal with these people. would they be missed? is it better to keep the ones that corrupt or destroy them permanently? what is justice? to destroy to create something better or to preserve and not do anything and allow the decay to continue?

those are the questions that always run through my mind and i think should be considered by people if they even hope of changing our society...
7:32 pm
troubled earth
due to the recent breaking of the polar ice caps and the siberian winds which cause this cold period and because sci 10's 2nd lt is just around the corner, i have decided to intertwine them through writing...

it's a fact that the earth is slowly getting killed. it's evident with the weird weather, insane natural disasters, environmental accidents, etc... how did this come to happen? it's because of the abuse and exploitation of humans of the environment, we take and take and take without seeing the consequences of humanity's actions. of course we can't live without taking from nature, but the point is that we should take only what we need and replenish what we take. we can't go with the ideology of "...i want it all in excess..." because that would really kill the earth (currently taking place). the problem is there are too many humans for the earth to support them at this time. given the greedy nature of humans, i don't think changing their lifestyle for the good of the earth will be realistic. add the fact of overpopulation (which stems from lack of FAMILY PLANNING, EXCESSIVE SECKS of SECKS FREAKS,and others...). it would be logical to kill the old, disabled, lazy and basically the unproductive dregs of society. however, that would be very unethical and of course people won't allow that. so how are we to solve the problem of humans?

the answer lies outside of the earth.

what we need to do is ship out a part of the population to space, that way overpopulation may be addressed. not to be mistaken, when i say that we ship people out to space, we don't send them by rocket to outer space and let them die, what i mean is to build space colonies to house people.

yes, you are reading this, people living in space colonies. if one takes a moment to analyze it, it's not that far off in the possibility of this happening in the near future. maybe not in this lifetime, but give or take a few generations after this, people may be migrating to a colony on the moon, in mars or even floating space colonies in the milky way.

i guess that what i'm writing is inspired by one of my favorite anime of all time, gundam. as a gundam enthusiast, i am really intrigued by the idea of living outside of the earth, of space and frontier. i say this not only because i like the gundam universe setting but also because the prescription of sending people to space can really address the problem of our troubled earth.

(gundam=giant fighting robots of mass destruction, used as the primary weapon in warfare)

(for those who don't know gundam...it's an anime which is set in a universe where there are 2 dominant groups-the earth people and the space people. many conflicts and wars have arisen from the two groups as some of them want to abandon the earth completely and let it regenerate, while others want to continue living in the once bountiful earth. the series is long and there are many twists and turns, but basically it's earth vs space)

shifting to my like for gundam...if the plan for space colonies were to happen, i would CHOOSE to live in space. living in a colony would mean a new life, new people and a new experience (zero gravity?). i also dream to become a mobile suit, particularly a gundam pilot because i have always been fascinated by the pilots in the anime and comics.

Thursday, January 25th, 2007
8:35 pm
deep thought mode
this week i have been in deep thought mode. i have always been thinking about the possibilites i left before i entered college. i guess that this goes back to my choice of course once again. i always wondered what would have happened if i chose ME over health sci. who could blame me? most of my friends are in ME and well...ME is one of if not the most prestigious course in ateneo. and there's the fact that i like math, not in the nerdy sense but let's just say that i have more affinity to math than science. ok, i know i won't be owning or getting that high grades in ME, and the possibility of failing accounting and math lt's are high but it's ok it's understandable and besides one needs these subjects in his future career unlike DS. DS, what the hell is that subject for? we're health sci majors yet DS is one of our majors. my aunts and uncles, all successful doctors for more than 10 years now did not take DS. but some people say that DS is required to be a doctor, or at least required to get into med school. i ask myself will taking DS change my life? the answer is yes. right now, i am barely passing DS and i need at least a C+ in the majors to pass. it's funny to think that i'm gonna get booted out all because of a subject that doesn't even make a difference in curing people. i mean...you can help develop people's lives without taking this theoretical subject. my aunts and uncles help the poor by doing outreach programs, free medical services, fund raising and sponsoring events for the poor.
it always rings back in my head when good friends of mine always say "dapat nag ME ka na lang". i know accounting is hell but i'm curious about the feeling of taking a long test in escaler. i've also imagined what it would have been like to have the great darwin yu as an accounting teacher. i get a bit envious at times when i'm with the A boys because i now belong to a different world, a minority.
i have already lost some confidence in my course. first, we are the first batch and all the failures and possible foul ups are rested upon us, so technically we are the ones who get screwed, a buffer zone for the lower batches. next, our subject curriculum is really weird. we're not jack of all trades nor master of any. all we have are general subjects. presently, we have gen. bio, gen p6 (which i dont know why we even took), gen chem 1, org chem 1. other premed or science courses have better science selections than us, they have gen chem 2, org chem 2, zoology (which is a prereq for compa ana) and compa ana. i mean...if i'm going to be a doctor i SHOULD be taking comparative anatomy, but where is it in the curriculum? i don't see it. plus we have accounting, special economics, DS (mentioned above), and LS, yes LS, a management course. back then i was amazed that we have all the variety of subject from accounting to economics to management, but i know see that it is somewhat unnecessary in becoming a doctor.
i am really confused right now...i think that i was really made to be something else, i feel like that i should really be in ME right now, how i wished i shifted right before the start of college or at least after the 1st sem of 1st year. it's too late now because if i shift (will it even be accepted) i think i would've wasted the 2 years of my life in college and would probably be a "freshman" next year in ME, thus making me a supersenior (7 years?). the only thing left to do is see this ordeal through the end, even if i am not liking the flow of things and the anomalies that are taking place inside the course, i'll still go through to the end, i know i can do it, it's just a matter of desire and motivation.
oh how i wish i could turn back time...
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
9:45 pm
i dream...
this is crazy...blogging while doing a postlab...anyway...stress break...so...

i always dream of doing something...and that is...faking my own death and attending my funeral (of course i won't reveal that i'm alive...so maybe attending as "one" of "my" friends)...this idea came from the story of tom sawyer where he did attend his own funeral, but he later reveals himself thus the idea of pretending to be dead was short lived.

what i want to do though is to blend in the crowd attending my funeral and get their thoughts on me (since they would say things that they wouldn't normally say when "i was still alive"). also, attending my own funeral would tell me who really are my friends (aside from family). of course there are people who pretend to be one's friend especially when they need something. if they don't show themselves at my funeral then it reveals their true nature. on the other hand, it may also reveal hidden enemies and friends among the people that i know.

then, to further propagate my illusion of grandeur, i'll pretend to be dead for a while, maybe for a few weeks or so when people have moved on, forgotten about "my death". then i'll assume another identity and mingle with the people i left behind, particularly with the people at school. that way i can see how they changed (or remained the same), if my existence affected them in the slightest way. i'd like to this while wearing a mask so that my observation won't have any suspicion. then i'll do everything as a guy with a badass european-sounding name (that has meaning like rebirth, death, etc...)

another alternative to my dream is playing a ghost. while i'm dead, i'll haunt them and give them signs. that way i'll know who are the people who want me back. then finally, i'll scare everyone with a lamp...people may not know it...but a lamp is a very dangerous weapon...
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